First steps into kiting
First steps into kiting
First steps into kiting
First steps into kiting

Beginner Lessons

Learn to kite

As Kiting is a water sport at Osmosis the students will be in the water from the fist second of the kite course.
No land kite flying on the beach.
With suitable small kites all exercises take place on the big shallow water lagoon which is reached by speed boat.
12h is a good start to set the basics for a kite career.
In general, after 12h the students are having good basic skills to handle kite and board.
Some will be able to ride already, some will be doing waterstarts and others are happy to be able to hadle kite and board but the most important aspect is that there is fun and progress.
Everone has a different learning speed and the instructor will adapt to yours.

Beginner course facts

Content of the 3h sessions

Beginner course facts

First Session of 3h:

  • Introduction Theory (in the water) of wind window, safety and spot
  • Set up of the equipment and safty system
  • First flying excercises (getting to know the wind window)
  • Controlling the kite with one hand
  • First body drags to feel the power
  • Satey system (Quick release)

Second session of 3h:

  • Repeating the kite flying exercises
  • Relaunching the kite
  • Body dragging downwind and upwind
  • Water start exercises preperation for water start
  • Water start with the board
  • Getting up on the board
Second Session of 3h
Third Session of 3h

Third session of 3h:

  • Repeating water start excercises
  • First small rides
  • Getting very controlled in water starting
  • Walking back one handed with kite and board

Fourth session of 3h:

  • Safe waterstarts
  • Safe handeling kite and board in all different kind of wind conditions
  • Learning to keep the power in the kite
  • Understanding the edge of the board - how to reduce and gain speed
  • Riding first meters, maybe in both directions, maybe just in one direction
Fourth Session of 3h


The above is a general description. Kitesurfing is a sport depending on nature. All excercises will be addapded to the conditions of wind, weather and tides and to the students as everyone is learning differently.


Prices Beginner Courses

Per person including equipment

All course prices per person and including equipment
Group CoursePrice
Supplement 3h90,00€
All beginner courses on shallow water lagoon
Supplement 3h50,00€40,00€