Kite foiling
Foil storage, rental, lessons
Foil storage, rental, lessons
Kite foiling
Best spot to kite foil
Kite foiling
Best spot to foil
Best spot to foil
Kite foiling
Foil storage, rental, lessons
Kite foiling
Best spot to foil
Best spot to foil
Kite foiling
Foil storage, rental, lessons

Foil Center

Best place to learn, improve and enjoy kite foiling

Learning how to foil brings back the memories of how it was when you made your first meters on the kiteboard or when you managed to jump for the first time. The feeling of getting up on the foil after the first struggles is just incredible – difficult to not just scream of joy.
In Kitefoiling there are no limits anymore: the moment your kite is flying you will be riding in silent and almost weightless.
You will be just amazed how great it is to fly over the water, how fast you can go and how far upwind the foil will take you.



Kite foiling


Perfect foiling environment :

  • Just a short walk to reach deep water
  • Free excess into the deep water
  • Boat for rescue and support
  • Experienced team
  • Private lessons for all levels in French, German or English
  • Foils from Ketos and RL for beginners and Pros
  • Masts from 30cm - 90cm
  • Boards from 120cm - 140cm


Skills you need to bring to learn foiling:

  • Perfect kite control also in low wind
  • Kiting safe in deep water with twin tip
  • Going up wind
  • Transitions
  • Jumps
  • Re-launche your kite alone in deep water also in light wind
  • One-handed bodydrag
  • Understanding of priority rules
  • Understanding of safety system and security

Skills to bring to learn kite foiling

Skills you need to bring to rent a foil:

  • Foiling in both directions
  • Going upwind and downwind in both directions
  • Re-launch skills in deep water
  • Good kite controll also in light wind
  • Good knowledge about the spot
  • Good knowledge about equipment care


Prices Kite Foiling

Kite foiling courses

Kite Foiling - Private courses
Private coursewith Kite + Foilwith Foil onlywith private equipment
1h90,00 €75,00€55,00€
3h250,00 €210,00€165,00€

Prices Kite Foil

Foil Rentals

Prices per person
Kite Foil RentalFoil only rentFoil rent in addition to Kite equipment
Half Day50,00€25,00€
1 Day80,00€40,00€
2 Days135,00€60,00 €
3 Days185,00€80,00 €
4 Days235,00€95,00€
5 Days285,00€110,00€
6 Days350,00€125,00€
7 Days350,00€125,00€
8 Days390,00€140,00€
9 Days430,00€155,00€
10 Days470,00€170,00€
11 Days510,00€185,00€
12 Days550,00€200,00€
13 Days590,00€215,00€
14 Days590,00€230,00€
+ 1 Day30,00€15,00€