Spot2: School

Our teaching spot. A huge sandbank for the perfect start.

The second spot of the kite center is the “jewel” of Osmosis Kiteboarding: The second spot – an approximately 5qkm large off shore sand bar which can easily be reached by kite or by speed boat.

This shallow water spot with its splendid Caribbean watercolors is where all the lessons of the kite school Osmosis Kiteboarding take place. Students and supervisions take the one of the speed boats, experienced kiters who have storage or are on rental can also reach this spot kiting through the deep water. No obstacles, no stone fields, mainly sandy water bottom – there is no safer place to learn kite boarding or to improve your kite boarding skills.

Above all it is the immense space that makes it a great plus to learn kiteboarding here. Even in busy time this great playground offers enough space for everybody. It is a perfect training area for all levels.

Another plus: there is no need to wait for high tide: on the off shore sand bar of Osmosis Kiteboarding is always water. Even on days with a very low low tide it is possible to provide good and safe kite boarding lessons for all levels. You don’t have to sit and wait around for the perfect training conditions: there a re always there waiting for you!