A different kite spot in El Gouna – one kite center with two different spots and a lot of space

Osmosis Kiteboarding is situated inside the hotel Club Paradisio located at the southern end of El Gouna, far away from the crowded beaches.

Club Paradisio is one of the few hotels in El Gouna, which is directly at the sea, which makes Osmosis Kiteboarding to a perfect location and starting point for any kind of water sport activities.

At Osmosis Kiteboarding it is possible to kite at two different spots, which is unique in El Gouna.
There is the spot directly in front of the hotel which is an amazing playground for more advanced kiters (safe riding in deep water, going upwind) with coral free access to the deep water and there is the biggest sandbar of Egypt as an ideal spot for beginners and intermediate kiters. By boat reachable for our students and supervisions).

Due to the "two spot philosophy" of Osmosis everybody has his space to enjoy this wonderful sport.

Our kite spot for pros. Direct at the beach of the hotel

Biggest sandbar of El Gouna. Shallow water and a lot of space.