Everybody has different learning speed but in general the beginner course procedure will look like this:

During the first 3h of the beginner course
you will first learn the basic theory, controlling the kite in different wind conditions and the safety systems and procedures.


  • basic theory
  • introduction of the equipment
  • set up of the kite
  • kite flying exercises (getting to know the wind window)


3h beginner course: 120 EUR


During the next 3 hours
and after you have a good control of the kite, you can manage all the different kite flying exercises we will start with the board and you will do your first water starts

  • repeating the kite flying exercises
  • relaunching the kite
  • body dragging downwind and upwind
  • water start exercises preperation for water start
  • water start with the board

6h beginner course: 255 EUR

During 12 hours in total
you will spend a lot of time with the kite and the board practicing the water start you will start your first meters and maybe ride a little bit

  • safe and secure waterstart
  • safe handling of the kite in different wind conditions and situations
  • first meters down wind
  • first meters in both directions

12h beginner course: 465 EUR