Kite courses

Learn or improve your Kite boarding skills with Osmosis Kite boarding at the biggest and least crowded spot of El Gouna. 5sqm of shallow water and steady winds are providing you with perfect and very safe kite boarding conditions. You can fully concentrate on your progression in kite boarding without having to worry about the other students around you. At Osmosis Kite boarding we are offering beginners, intermediate – and advanced lessons.

A VDWS  or other licensed instructor is taking care of your needs and goals. All courses are bookable for all levels. We teach in French, German and English.


In groups of maximum 4 persons you will learn the important elements of kite boarding. Even if you have no experience in kite boarding you will learn this magnificent sport step by step. The experienced instructor will adapt to your learning speed and guide you through the lessons.

For detailed information and explanation scrawl down and select please! Also for prices.

Learn how to kite on the biggest shallow water lagoon of El Gouna

Do a short refresh and than start the course at your actual level

Jumping high. Learn any trick you like.

Take supervised kite session

Kite Courses for Kids in a perfectly safe environment