Kite Kids

Kiting for children
It is so much fun and pleasure to watch young people learn and progress in kiteboarding!
We look back to large number of children who have made their first steps in kiting with us and are now independent kitesurfers.
Due to the infrastructure of our kite school with the hotel Club Paradisio and our big and safe teaching area we have a lot of kiting families visiting us.
The perfect combintaion of our large off shore teaching area is just perfect in terms of space and security and the right equipment makes it possible for your kids to learn the same sport you love yo much.

Normally we start to teach children with the age of 11-12 years with a minimum weight of 30-35kg.
For sure the first lessons are either in small groups (up to 3 children) with similar height and weight or private lessons.
Small persons the instructor just cannot leave alone!

We have 3m and 4m kites with a very big depower - perfect for light persons.

The best training you can offer to your kids before starting with proper kite lessons is the flying of stunt kites!
They learn fast and easy to steere and control a kite! With understanding the movements the next step to the 'real' equipment is even easier, the progression even faster and maybe it's even possible to start with younger age.

Soon your whole family will be on the water together enjoying the same hobby.